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A Paranormal Romance for Adults. 


    Genesis, Ember's dark and dreamy new next-door-neighbor, is an ancient Immortal that seriously wants her. The problem is that nearly all the Immortals, good and bad, also want her. 

    Fate may have decreed that he could not be eternally bound to Ember, but Genesis can’t help loving her.

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Adult Content

A Romantic Intrigue that begins at sea and sweeps through the Outer Banks of NC.


    On her Outer Banks vacation, Christine falls in love, gets dumped, and befriends a ten-year-old boy. She and her young friend might make it off the island alive if they can outmaneuver a dark pirate, an unknown murderer, and the epic storm that is heading directly for them.

​A Children's Book


      Searching for his little sister, Austin travels underground to a land filled with fairies, glowing bugs, and strange little men.​

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